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INfurness Local is an independently owned, local company, making it easier for local people, and area visitors, to search for, and find the products and services they want and need on a regular basis, from locally owned businesses and service providers, INfurness

It’s news to nobody that in recent decades it has become increasingly difficult for locally owned businesses to compete fairly, and successfully, in a rapidly changing marketplace, often dominated by big budget national chains and worldwide corporations. Sadly, too many of our once favourite businesses have already found these struggles insurmountable and have been forced to close their doors permanently. INfurness Local is determined to help stop this cycle.

Working to level the playing field for local businesses, INfurness Local is increasing visibility and promoting the active use of ‘local’ as a logical and best choice.

INfurness Local proves that there is no need to go outside of our region.

Hosting over 1,800 local businesses in more than 500 different categories, INfurness Local provides real testimony to the range and choice available to Furness consumers.

A combination of traditional, proven and successful marketing strategies with new powerful internet technologies means that the estimated 70% of modern consumers using online and mobile phones to search for a business, product or service get a direct link to local Furness businesses.

INfurness Local is not only dedicated to improving the fortunes of locally owned businesses but helping to create a stronger internal economy. This will result in more opportunities for the business and residential communities INfurness.

Your support is important and valued. May it long continue.


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Welcome to INfurness Local

Welcome to INfurness Local, your online and mobile-friendly directory connecting you to local businesses, job opportunities and great entertainment in Furness.   In recent decades, it has become increasingly challenging for our local independent businesses to compete fairly on a level playing field in a rapidly changing marketplace,  often dominated by National Chains, Supermarkets and… Continue Reading

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