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In recent decades, it has become increasingly difficult for our local independent businesses to compete successfully in a rapidly changing marketplace, often dominated by National Chains, Supermarkets and Worldwide Corporations such as Amazon and others who possess the financial muscle to block affordable access to search engines for our loyal and local independents that have served our communities and contributed to our local economies for generations.

Created in 2019, the purpose of INfurness Local is to challenge that situation and level the playing field in support and favour of our local independents and secure their existence, and the living standards, and opportunities available to the local community.


The team at INfurness Local is committed to increasing the visibility and promoting the use of local independent businesses as the first, and logical choice, for active customers when they’re looking for the products and services they need. It also makes it easier and more affordable for business owners to continue to reach out and serve those members of the public that they need to thrive, both now and in the future. In turn, this creates a local economy that can grow and help develop fabulous future opportunities for the whole Furness community.

INfurness Local also values the importance of sharing easy access to local employment opportunities for residents who wish to improve their standard of living, and that of their families, through better jobs and employability skills training, and by offering a local Events diary we encourage people to gather as a community and rebuild our strength as a region engaging together for improved mental strength and resilience.


All these elements combine to become what INfurness CIC calls The BIG 5, our vision of a better future for Furness; one in which we can all thrive together as part of a happier, more contented community.

The Big 5 are…

  1. To work to increase the visibility and promote the use of local independent businesses via INfurness Local and other effective and affordable marketing services, traditional and new, to sustain and build a stronger local economy.
  2. Share access to great skills training and local job opportunities for all.
  1. Increase public knowledge of local entertainment and community activities and events, to increase levels of engagement with our neighbours and improve mental health and strength across Furness.
  1. Use our funds to invest in, and finance available training opportunities for those who wish to improve their lifestyles, and that of their families, within the Furness community, through improved employment opportunities.
  1. Make funding available for local business start-ups; this will provide opportunity for the young and give them just cause to build a successful career and a self-determined future here in Furness and retain the talent pool initially developed in the region.


INfurness Local is accessible via any device with an internet connection and operates as an exclusively local, online business directory populated by over 1800 locally owned independent organisations, in more than 500 categories and sectors.

This means…

Whatever you’re looking for…Find It INfurness with INfurness Local


Thank you for supporting local independent businesses with INfurness Local. You are actively helping us achieve the goals and vision INfurness CIC has for making Furness a better place to live for everyone and it means the world.


Nick Emerson


INfurness CIC T/A INfurness Local


INfurness Local is owned and operated by INfurness CIC (A Community Interest Company)

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Welcome to INfurness Local, your online and mobile friendly directory connecting you to local businesses, job opportunities and great entertainment in Furness.   In recent decades, it has become increasingly challenging for our local independent businesses to compete fairly... Read more

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