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Sewing Services and Alterations

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About the Business:

I am here to help with all your sewing needs.


"After a very stressful year and the unexpected death of my dad, my first wedding dress fitting was the one thing I was looking forward to but unfortunately, this was not the case so we discovered - the dress was ruined by the bridal company; they had spilt cleaning fluid down the front! 10 weeks before my wedding, I now had no wedding dress. Sarah was so calm and said she’ll have my new dress altered in time for our wedding. And so, with her reassurance off I went back to the bridal company and found a completely different dress (obviously at no additional cost). True to her word, Sarah booked me in and made the alterations quickly, perfectly and in good time. I felt so confident and had no worries at all. Her attention to detail and needlework was incredible. The dress looked absolutely beautiful and the compliments, even a month after the wedding, have not stopped coming. We had the most emotional, intimate and magical day ever and you Sarah, helped us achieve that. You are a miracle worker! Thank you again" Claire D.

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Mobile: 07584 126574

Address: Barrow

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