When did INfurness launch?

INfurness really began as an idea nearly 28 yrs ago, in the form of a media and news website called Over the years via several different notepads, it morphed into the INfurness Facebook page in2015 for sharing local business posts in order to increase their visibility and marketplace recognition.

After a suggestion from a local businessman, we began to construct the app and fill with simple complimentary listings in July 2019 and successfully launched INfurness, in the form of a mobile phone app, at The Kill One Club, Barrow on Monday 4.30 pm, 2 Sept 2019 and The Wellington Hotel in Dalton on Wednesday 4 Sept of the same year.

What is the purpose of INfurness?

In the light of economic challenges faced by local businesses and service providers, the local economy INfurness has suffered. Our mission INfurness is to make it easier for people to find local businesses and rather than their disposable income leaving the Furness economy, it stays locally and the investment is then recycled with the benefit of a stronger financial position, INfurness. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to support local everyday and create a better future for all, INfurness.

This new platform will increase accessibility for all meaning faster and more comprehensive positive results, INfurness

Which geographical area does INfurness cover?

INfurness is pretty much ‘what it says on the tin’ product, and entitles all locally owned businesses and organisations in The Furness Peninsula a complimentary listing to increase their visibility in the area. Whilst the core of the listings and enhanced positional and informational profiles are in Ulverston, Barrow, and Dalton there are a significant number in the outlying areas from Broughton in Furness to Cartmel and Grange over Sands. As a clear guide, our area is defined by the A590 until Levens Village and the A595 to Broughton.

How much does it cost for INfurness Business Membership?

INfurness Business Membership is available to all locally owned businesses, INfurness which means every local business is entitled to the basic Bronze complimentary business listing. Enhanced promotional membership profiles start from just £60 per year by a single payment. Our other plans range from Silver to Platinum options which include Social Media and E-commerce functionality. If you are interested in getting your business found, Infurness, call 07832 234 570 or email: subject line: Infurness Business Membership.

How long does INfurness Membership last?

INfurness Business Membership is renewable and lasts for a minimum term of 12 months.


Get in touch if you have any questions about INfurness and the services we provide.

About Us

INfurness was founded in July 2019 and is a direct and positive response to decades of major challenges experienced by high street traders, local businesses and service providers INfurness. These included the overall decline of the UK economy, rapid growth of internet technologies, increasing business rates, and rapid growth of the out-of-town retail outlets and… Continue Reading

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