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What is the purpose of INfurness®?

The purpose of INfurness® is to strengthen the local economy by making it easier for local people, and area visitors, to find the quality products and services they are looking for, and create increased inward investment locally, and affording Furness the ability to make more locally centric and beneficial decisions that positively affect our local economy.

It really is a fantastic opportunity for the local residential community and business owners, to benefit by supporting each other, to create a better future for all, INfurness.

When did INfurness® launch?

INfurness® launched on Wednesday 4 Sept and due to its almost immediate growth and popularity in the area, we were encouraged to upgrade to a larger, easier to use, and more functional web platform on 2 August 2020. We are delighted that we have been able to support so many local businesses through the current Covid 19 restrictions and help you to find ‘Whatever you’re looking for’…INfurness®

Which area does INfurness® cover?

INfurness covers the entire Furness Peninsula, stretching from Walney Island to the end of the A590 at Levens Hall and from Grange-over-Sands to Broughton in Furness.

How much does it cost for INfurness Business Membership?

All locally registered and owned businesses qualify for a complimentary business listing, featuring their Business Name, Address and Click to Call Phone number. We also offer both positional and functional enhancements. These are priced so as to be affordable for all, whatever the size or longevity of your business. INfurness is also proud to offer our ‘Start-Up Support package’ which offers special rates and other FREE services for those local entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business. These options go hand in hand with ‘The INfurness Opportunities Fund’ launching soon.

How long does INfurness Membership last?

INfurness Business Membership is for a minimum term of 12 months and is auto-renewable.

How do I register my business?

We would love to hear how INfurness can help you move forward through increased visibility in your business.

Simply call Nick on 07832 234 570 for an informal chat or




Get in touch if you have any questions about INfurness and the services we provide.

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