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It is important to us that the community of Furness can communicate their comments and ideas regarding our online services. 


We always try to do our very best to get things right for our business members and directory users alike, but we are not too arrogant to know that we sometimes make mistakes or errors. We encourage you to contact us with your feedback, encouragement, ideas and, of course complaints so that we can continue to provide the best platform we can.


Please use the form below to talk to us, and we promise to listen and act appropriately in response.

We also ask that you help us continue to grow by doing the following:

  • Please leave a review for any local business or organisation on their INfurness profile/listing. This helps them grow or act to prevent negative experiences from happening again.
  • Please spread the word about ¬† with friends, family, and work colleagues to build user numbers and help us deliver results to the Furness economy and local communities quicker.
  • Continue to give us your suggestions, feedback and ideas on how we might improve things in the future because we’re serving you and we really want to get it right, for the benefit of Furness.


The most important thing of all, of course, is to continue to shop, use, support and promote local, INfurness.



Get in touch if you have any questions about INfurness and the services we provide.

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