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As a locally-focused business and services directory, INfurness is happy to host 1900+ business listings, and company profiles in 320+ categories for 1,000+ local, diverse, creative, and award-winning Furness businesses.

Since launch, in September 2019, including global pandemic lockdown since early March 2020, our dedicated and loyal users (that’s you guys) have carried out an average of just over 750 weekly searches on INfurness for local businesses, products, and services.

This was beyond our wildest dreams at launch and an incredible achievement on your part and INFurness would like to thank all users, and participant businesses for adopting this new, exciting service so quickly, and helping to create fantastic results, INfurness.

It goes to show the level of local pride that exists, INfurness, and the incredible things we can achieve when working together for a common purpose, whatever challenges may lay ahead.

We thank you all most sincerely.

Here’s how can you continue to support INfurness and local organisations?

Please use the form below to talk to us and we promise, we will listen and take Furness forward together…

  • Please leave a review about INfurness and your favourite organisations and businesses, INfurness
  • Share INfurness with friends and family, building our user numbers to help us deliver the results to our local companies deserve.
  • We know we’re good but not perfect, please tell us when you spot a mistake or typing eror (just testing!), incorrect spelling, or simply anything we get wrong. 
  • Give us your suggestions on how we might improve things and watch us incorporate and develop them for the benefit of Furness.

The most important thing of all, of course, is…

Please continue to shop, use and promote local, INfurness

We are committed to being the best we can for Furness.

Please use the form below to talk to us and we promise to listen and go forward INfurness, together.

Nick Emerson

Founder Director

INfurness Ltd



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About Us

INfurness was founded in July 2019 and is a direct and positive response to decades of major challenges experienced by high street traders, local businesses and service providers INfurness. These included the overall decline of the UK economy, rapid growth of internet technologies, increasing business rates, and rapid growth of the out-of-town retail outlets and… Continue Reading

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