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Taxi Service in Barrow

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"I was so impressed with Coastal - it's the first time I've used their taxi service but they will be my first choice in future. The caller was really helpful and efficient, the driver arrived quickly and was friendly and pleasant company. His car was an all electric Nissan Leaf and was immaculate inside and out. Most importantly I was able to relax on the journey, knowing he was driving safely and we'll - something I haven't always found with other firms in the past." Hilary E.

"Service has been appalling for me over the last couple of days. Pre booked a taxi for 11.30 pm on Saturday night 19th November. Rang to see where it was at 11.50 only to be told that I had rung and cancelled it. I did not cancel the taxi. Got another one but after midnight. Tuesday 22nd November booked a taxi for 17.45 to pick me up from Barrow station. Rang at 17.55 to see where it was. I was informed my taxi was just around the corner and would be a couple of minutes. Received a text to saying a white Peugeot 308 was on the way. By 18.10 still no taxi so rang again to be told that the taxi had been and that I was not there. Absolute nonsense. This taxi firm had produced a decent in the past but recently it has been terrible." Stuart N.

Contact Details:

Phone: 01229 445445

Mobile: 01229 432432

Address: 6 Dalkeith Street, Barrow

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