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Thank you for taking a look at the opportunity to promote your business with INfurness; the largest, most comprehensive online business and services directory for local business and service providers in the North West.

As a values-based business, INfurness Ltd operates on a 1st come, 1st served basis when dealing with our enhanced promotional service, meaning we offer a fair opportunity for all prospective business members regardless of the size of the business, current business status and market position or trading longevity when taking orders.

6 reasons to become an INfurness Business Member with your organisation…

  1. INfurness users are not passive but are keen to use and support local businesses and services. They visit the platform as they are keen to make a specific purchase or an order.
  2. A positional enhancement on INfurness helps prioritise you over your competition maximise your potential reach, engaging the consumers looking for exactly what you offer.
  3. ‘Top of the Bill’ is great but without engaging content and entertaining act you have nothing. At INfurness, you have the ability to further enhance your profile with pre-approved content, featuring your business strengths. Information like your opening hours, photos, standards of service, seasonal offers, promotions, customer reviews, and all of your contact details for immediate results.
  4. As well as being found under your chosen category or business name, INfurness submit to Google meaning area visitors preparing to visit Furness can access INFurness.
  5. Why Not? capture added value with a multiple profiles at 50% of your previous choice, widening your scope and maximising your membership opportunity.
  6. Get ahead of the competition with position and content, securing or growing your position in the marketplace of your choice.

…and with plans from just £60/yr and great discounts available for multiple profiles, INfurness can provide value and results for any business looking to build reliable, and long-term relationships, INfurness.

Simply call 07832 234 570, or fill the form below with your company details and we will guide you on your next successful and exciting business journey.


Get in touch if you have any questions about INfurness and the services we provide.

About Us

INfurness was founded in July 2019 and is a direct and positive response to decades of major challenges experienced by high street traders, local businesses and service providers INfurness. These included the overall decline of the UK economy, rapid growth of internet technologies, increasing business rates, and rapid growth of the out-of-town retail outlets and… Continue Reading

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